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What is a trademark?

In a society and culture that is all about social influencing and building a brand, we hear a lot about trademarking. The term gets used a lot and many times out of context, but what does trademarking really mean? Why would someone need to use a trademark?

A trademark is anything that sets your brand apart from somebody else’s. A logo, a slogan, or specific colors are a few examples that could be used for trademarking your brand. A trademark identifies your brand, when someone can look at your goods and identify where it came from.

Take for example, the golden arches of McDonald’s, when someone sees the arches they instantly think McDonald’s, not Burger King, not Wendy’s, but McDonald’s. Same goes for the slogan ‘Just do it’, when you hear it you instantly think Nike. These are examples of great trademarks that instantly identify their brand.

Branding with a trademark is so important for your business. You want the potential buyers of your goods to identify your brand and seek it out over somebody else’s brand when looking to purchase the type of goods you offer. This is why we hear so much about trademarking.

It is all about protecting your brand!

If you are building a brand or already have an established brand you need to be sure you are protected. Contact an Entrepreneurship attorney and schedule a consultation to discuss your brand, protection needs, and any legal questions you may have.

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