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Trademark Vs. Copyright

Trademark Vs. Copyright

Trademark vs.Copyright, what are they and what are their differences? Both are extremely important when it comes to protecting your business and brand. A trademark is when you register your brand, logo, or whatever branding you have with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Copyright deals with your creative works. In a nutshell, this is the difference between the two, a trademark is for branding and a copyright is for creative works. When you are thinking about how the public will identify your brand, whether it be your name, logo, set of colors, or a catchphrase these are all examples of brand-identifying information. Anything that is being used as your business’ signature, meaning when you see this specific thing you know it’s XYZ business, what they sell, and their seller reputation. These are all examples of things that would deal with trademark law. If we are talking about creative works, such as music, dances, poems, blogs, podcasts, graphic design, or other forms of creative works then we are looking at content, the actual information used within would fall under the copyright law. For example, the name of the podcast or channel would fall under trademark law, but the actual podcast content would fall under copyright law. In conclusion for Trademark vs. Copyright, trademarks deal with branding and how the public knows you, and copyrights deal with creative works and the actual content it contains. Both of these are very important tools when it comes to protecting your intellectual property. They are both very powerful when it comes to enforcing them and making sure your work stays as your work. Bonus tip from Trademark and Copyright Attorney Briana Robertson, when going to get photos taken make sure you get a copyright release form so that you are able to use the images from the photographer. Although, you pay the photographer to take your picture because they are the ones who created the image they hold the copyrights to them. If you have questions concerning trademark vs copyright feel free to reach out to the Law Office of Briana Robertson. Schedule a free consultation to see how she can help you properly protect your business and brand!

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