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Protecting Your Brand

Protecting Your Brand is an essential part of your business plan. Oftentimes a brand is mistaken as a logo, slogan, or other distinguishable marketing tools that help promote goods and services. However, these are simply genius marketing tools and are not classified as branding.

The term brand is used to describe a business or marketing concept that identifies a particular company, product, or individual. A brand is intangible. It can’t be touched or seen but is used to help shape a potential consumer’s perception of a company, product, or individual. (Eichler, Ryan. “Brand: Types of Brands and How to Create a Successful Brand Identity.” Investopedia, Accessed 28 November 2022.)

Trademarking your brand is important because you invest a lot of time, money, and effort into your work. A lot goes into building your brand, promoting your brand, and marketing your brand to stand out from the rest and you don’t want someone else to take your brand or profit off the hard work you have already done.

When you trademark your brand it protects you and your work by preventing anyone from stealing your brand. Essentially the protection offered by trademarking is what will help you keep control of your brand and ensure no one else profits from your work. A trademark puts the whole nation on notice that this brand is being used and is protected.

Once a trademark is put on your brand you then have a legal means to address anyone who is using your brand or something similar to your brand as their own. Trademarking allows you to legally tell the other party to remove your branding or face legal ramifications. Legal ramifications and financial damages can be placed on the other party if they do not remove your branding and continue to use it for their profit.

Protecting your brand is essential after all the time, money, and efforts you spend on building your God given dream brand. Don’t allow someone else to step in after all the hard work is done and your money is spent to build the brand and take it.

If you are an entrepreneur who is building a brand for your company or product, you need to seek out an Entrepreneurial Law attorney like Briana Robertson at A good trademarking attorney is what you need to help you effectively execute a trademark for your brand.

Protect Your Brand with a Trademark

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