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Journey to Starting My Own Business

The journey of starting your own business can be stressful and overwhelming at times. Business law attorney Briana Robertson wants to encourage you with her personal story about her journey to opening her own law firm. Briana knew from a young age that she wanted to be an attorney but she didn’t always want to start her own law firm or be an entrepreneur. In fact, being a business owner was never even on her radar as a possibility for her. It was through her own life journey that she became interested in business law and helping others to protect their brands. When Briana finished law school she was unsure of what direction she wanted to go or what she wanted to do with her career. In fact, Briana was unsure of what area of law she even wanted to practice in and openly admits feeling pretty lost at that time. She knew she had a law degree and needed to get a job to utilize it. She began applying everywhere and waited to see where she was going to land. Turns out, she landed a job as a prosecutor at the District Attorney’s office in Georgia where she practiced law for a year. From there, Briana moved to Louisana where she again landed a job practicing as a prosecutor. At the District Attorney’s office in Louisana, they allowed their attorneys to also be allowed to have their own law firms on the side. This is where the idea began to form for Briana but still wasn’t really a main focus for her. She continued working as a prosecutor for a couple of years and began to realize, this area of law is not necessarily everything she wanted to do. She found criminal law interesting and fun to practice but felt there was a lot more that she could do, things she had yet to explore. At this point in her life, she had only really focused on law and practiced criminal law, never really exploring other career paths. Realizing that there are likely other areas of law that she would truly enjoy, she was inspired to go and open her own law firm. Opening her own law firm provided her with the vehicle she needed to explore other areas of law. It allowed her to take on cases that were in different areas of law than what she was accustomed to. However, Briana quickly realized that running her own law firm had a lot more to do with business than it did with practicing law and knowing legal jargon. Although Briana knew some things about the legalities of starting her own business from basic business law courses she took in college, there was a lot she didn’t know. Discovering she would quickly need to learn the ins and outs of running a business and how to put the business law knowledge she did have into practice in order to protect herself and her family. In the process of learning the legal side of doing business to protect her own, Briana discovered she loved doing it. She enjoyed learning about the different types of contracts, brand protection, and trademarking. Briana discovered she really enjoyed doing all the business-related legal work. While in the process of building her own business and learning all she could about the business processes she had others coming to her to ask questions pertaining to their own business. This sparked the idea of exploring the area of business law. Briana then added it as a practice area to her law firm to see how it would go. This area of law blew up for her and she loved what she was doing and enjoyed the work she was doing for others! Briana loves that she gets to work with others who are stepping out in faith and betting on themselves to start their own business. She loves to see the businesses she works with growing and expanding their business. Watching others live out their passions and dreams, striving for greatness, and building a legacy they can pass down for generations to come. Briana is an advocate for new entrepreneurs and wants to help others legally protect the brands and legacies they have worked so hard to build. Briana finds working in this area of law to be very rewarding. Knowing that she was a part of helping them reach their dream of building a business and achieving their goals. She loves that she can be a part of building their confidence in doing business and giving them peace knowing that they are legally protected while working to grow their brands. The journey to starting her own business or law firm has really opened doors for Briana. Through the process, she discovered that helping others to protect their businesses and brands is something she truly enjoys doing. She was able to gain great knowledge and experience from her own journey and can easily relate to those she is hired to help. Briana enjoys pouring into others the knowledge and encouragement to step out in faith and take the journey to start their own business. Briana has since left working with the district attorney’s office and is now working for her own law firm full-time. Having the uncertainty of leaving a secure income and betting on herself in common with her clients she has really been able to relate with them. Because of her journey, Briana has been able to take her services to the next level over other competitors in the industry. She can truly help her clients grow and overcome business startup obstacles and walk the journey with them. If you are looking for an advocate for your own business or brand Business Law Attorney Briana Robertson is here to help you! Protecting your brand legally and promoting business growth with proper legalities in place are just a few business practices she can help with. For more information or questions book a consultation today!

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If you are looking for an advocate for your own business or brand Business Law Attorney Briana Robertson is here to help you! Book your consultation today!

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