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Importance of Estate Planning

Importance of Estate Planning

Briana Robertson is the managing attorney at the Law Office of Briana C. Robertson and she specializes in Estate Planning. Briana likes to focus on helping families and individuals build generational wealth that actually stays in their families. The importance of estate planning really comes down to putting what you want in writing. The main reason one has an estate plan is it tells people in their life, the court system, and society what should happen to their assets and their things if they should pass on. It will also tell others who should take care of them, their assets, and their things should one become incapacitated and unable to handle their own affairs. If one does not have an estate plan in place prior to something happening then it is the laws of the state that they live in that will govern what happens to an individual’s assets. This means that your family and friends would have to go to court and argue their case on who should be the one to take care of all of your things, divide your things, or even take care of you should you be unable to take care of yourself. In the end, it will be the courts that will decide all of these things if one does not have an estate plan in place. This tends to cause a lot of stress for families and loved ones that should be taking the time to heal from their loss or they should be making a plan to care for the incapacitated individual but due to not having an established estate plan, they will instead have to deal with the court systems for every detail. When these very important matters are left for the families to sort out in the court system there tends to be a lot of drama, fighting, and hurt that is caused. Unfortunately, people begin to argue over assets and things as if it’s not hard enough they just lost a loved one. It is very typical for families to start the “Dad wanted me to have this or Mom said I am to have that,” type of argument in the courtroom, causing more problems and a divide within the family instead of allowing the family to grieve and heal. This is all happening and the judge is hearing all these different stories, viewing any evidence one can give, and will ultimately make the final decisions when there is no estate plan in place. This is why it is so important for you to have an estate plan in place prior to something tragic happening. This allows you to decide who gets what, who takes care of you, how to split your assets, and what decisions you want them to make on your behalf. This is especially important when talking about medical decisions. For instance, do you want to be on life support or would you prefer they pull the plug, do you want to be resuscitated, and many other possible questions. It is better to have your plan in writing so the courts, your family, and all others know exactly what you want and prefer. In summary, having your medical, financial, and personal wants and desires recorded in writing prior to a tragic event is very important. This will help protect you, your family, and your assets should you pass away unexpectedly or become incapacitated and unable to care for yourself. This is particularly important if you have children. You need to address who should raise your child, what resources will be left for your child, and so forth. This will make things much easier for your family to heal and move forward from a very stressful, hurtful, and life-changing event.

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