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Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney

Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney to represent you in the litigation and trial process can seem daunting. There are usually multiple defense attorneys in your area to choose from and you likely do not know much about any of them. Not to mention your legal fate lies in their hands. This is not a decision you want to take likely, that is why Criminal Defense Attorney Briana Robertson is giving you these helpful tips when choosing a criminal defense attorney.

How to effectively choose the right criminal defense attorney for your case When seeking out representation for criminal charges you will want to choose an attorney with specific characteristics. Every attorney is not the same. Each has their own styles, methods, knowledge, and experience. Therefore, use the following guidelines to help you choose a criminal defense attorney that best fits your needs. The first thing you will want to be sure the prospective attorney has is knowledge and experience in criminal law. Knowledge and experience is so important in these cases because there are VERY specific laws that must be followed and considered throughout the litigation and trial process. Criminal law works very differently than other areas of law such as civil law. The next characteristic you will want to look for is an attorney who is comfortable with criminal law and the procedures. Client’s cannot expect an attorney to know every single law or situation, however a good attorney will know the basics of the crimes you are being charged with. They will also know the ‘usual’ possible outcomes associated with the specific type of criminal charge you are facing. After having verified the attorney is knowledgeable, experienced, and comfortable with the laws and procedures, the next characteristic you are looking for is someone who is confident. You want a criminal defense attorney who is confident in the courtroom and familiar with trial proceedings. When facing criminal charges you want to specifically verify that the attorney is also experienced with jury trials. This is because when it comes to criminal case litigation the outcome rests in the hands of a jury, and if your attorney has little to no jury management experience this could gravely hurt your chances at the best possible outcome. Following verification of jury trial experience you want to be sure your attorney is personable and responsive. Your life is in the hands of your attorney, so you want to be sure you are represented by someone you can trust. Your attorney should be building trust and a client/attorney relationship that you can trust. If you are having a bad gut feeling about your attorney this is the time to listen to that gut instinct. Find someone new to represent you that you feel is a better fit. Finally before retaining an attorney you could ask them for referrals or testimonials. This will make you aware of what others are saying about the attorney, verify their past experience, and show you their willingness to ensure you are comfortable with your decision. Here at the law office of Briana Robertson we are aware that the process of choosing the right criminal defense attorney can be stressful and even a bit overwhelming. Briana Robertson, is an advocate for justice. Having an advocate in the courtroom means keeping you and your family informed throughout the process. It can help you rest assured that you have the best possible representation, someone to fight against unfair sentencing, and an attorney who only accepts accurate evidence that confirms your charges. If you or a family member is facing criminal charges and is in need of help to choose a criminal defense attorney, Briana Robertson is here to help you.

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